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White-paper: digital signatures

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What’s new in PDF 2.0 regarding digital signatures – whitepaper by Bruno Lowagie, CEO of the iText Software Group

Author: Bruno Lowagie
Date: August 27, 2012


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White-paper: digital signatures

In December 2011, the US Office of Legislative Counsel wrote a white paper titled Authentication of Primary Legal Materials and Pricing Options. It revealed the juridical aspects (US law), and mentioned a few solutions (with price indication) by name, amongst others iText.

Based upon that white paper, iText’s Bruno Lowagie wrote a technical paper, explaining in a profound way the various technical aspects concerning digital signatuers in PDF documents, in 5 chapters:

  1. Understanding the concept of digital signatures
  2. PDF and digital signatures
  3. Certificate Authorities, certificate revocation and time stamping
  4. Creating signatures externally
  5. Validation of signed documents

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