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inovoo GmbH

Status: Full Member

Country: DE

Sector: Archiving,Imaging / OCR / capture

Joined: Jul 2010

Website: http://www.inovoo.com/

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Description of the member

inovoo GmbH develops forward-looking products and bespoke solutions for more efficient business processes in the areas of archiving, customer communication and process automation.

Acting as a strategic consultancy, we analyze your IT-based processes and systems so that our products can help enable maximum automation. To do so, we optimize critical business processes and help businesses connect with their customers in real-time across all channels, including mail, fax, email, web, social media and mobile. We make use of all the interfaces required in order to offer fully integrated solutions to our customers.

Our solutions are developed using our own independent platform (the framework), allowing us to offer our customers bespoke solutions based on standard technology, all from one source. Our long-term customers include many well-known statutory health insurance providers, insurance firms, banks, the industrial sector and government authorities.

From the consulting stage onwards, through development and system integration, all the way to support and beyond, we stand ready to assist our customers with our passion and our sense of innovation.

Billerberg 11, 82266 Inning, Deutschland

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NOVO PDF Compression

The NOVO PDF Compression module allows Captiva Capture users to create color PDF documents with the help of the LuraTech PDF Compressor – all while minimizing use of storage space and maximizing quality using the very best compression techniques.


NOVO Mail is an intelligent email management and legally compliant archiving solution. This software automatically analyzes your incoming emails, assigns them to the correct business process and hands them over to your archive.