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iText BVBA

Status: Full Member

Country: BE

Sector: All industries

Joined: Feb 2012

Website: http://www.itextpdf.com/

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Description of the member

iText is the largest PDF library for PDF generation and manipulation.  We offer iText 7 Suite, which includes iText 7 Core and optional add-ons to give you the flexibility to fit your needs.

We re-built the popular iText 5 engine with a modular code structure, allowing for future improvements and growth as well as simple coding.

iText 7 Core is a PDF library that you can build into your own applications.  It will allow developers to:

  • Generate and manipulate PDF documents, compliant with:
    • PDF specification (ISO 32000)
    • PDF/A (ISO 190005; PDF/A-1a/b, PDF/A-2a/b/u, PDF/A-3a/b/u)
    • PDF/UA (ISO 14289)
  • Create and manipulate tagged PDF
  • Create maps and books, using numerous interactive features available for PDF
  • Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks and other features to existing PDF documents
  • Digitally sign and encrypt PDFs
  • Document assembly: extract, concatenate and insert pages
  • Fill out interactive forms and flatten them
  • Serve dynamically generated or manipulated PDF documents to a web browser
  • Use iText 7 add-ons to extend usability and features of the iText platform.
  • Try iText Suite free for 30 days
  • See examples and tutorials to help with building your project


If you are looking for the AGPL version, iText 7 Community, our iText 7 Core is still available. You can download for Java or .NET.

Kerkstraat 108, 9050 Gent, Belgien

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iText Core

iText 7 Core is a PDF library that you can build into your own applications.

iText 7 Suite

iText premier platform includes iText 7 Core and optional add-ons that allow you to choose the right combination to fit your document needs.


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