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Joined: Jan 1970


Description of the member

LuraTech delivers production software and document and data conversion solutions, along with bespoke services and outstanding support. LuraTech’s solutions are easy to handle and require little customisation to implement. DocYard is production software for Scan Service Providers which integrates every step of production into configurable, centrally manageable workflows. Scan Service Providers therefore achieve a very high level of automation and integration in document processing. The PDF Compressor is a multi-sector, production-oriented application for compression, conversion to PDF(/A) with OCR. Since its foundation in 1995, LuraTech has been a leading provider of open and ISO-standards-based document and data compression solutions. These include, among others, the successful PDF, PDF/A and JPEG2000 products. The company headquarters are in Berlin, with additional locations in Remscheid (Germany), Redwood City (California, USA) and London (UK). LuraTech is part of the Foxit group. LuraTech and PDF/A LuraTech has long been involved in the efficient compression of scanned documents and provides solutions for converting scanned files into PDF/A documents. In response to the large demand from the market, the product portfolio has been expanded to include PDF/A solutions for digital documents, enabling users to realize a complete PDF/A strategy with the help of LuraTech products. Carsten Heiermann, president of LuraTech Europe GmbH: “The certified PDF/A format is the long-awaited answer to the oft prevalent uncertainty in electronic archiving. Our current portfolio helps organizations and corporations to optimally convert both their digital as well as their paper-based documents to PDF/A and therefore to archive them in a single certified standard format.”

Neue Kantstraße 14, 14057 Berlin, Deutschland

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LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise for EMC Captiva

The PDF Compressor for EMC Captiva allows EMC Captiva users to create color PDF and PDF/A files which are distinguished by small file size and high quality. This version of the PDF Compressor Enterprise interfaces fully with EMC Captiva. Thus only minimal adjustments to existing EMC Captiva processes are required.

LuraTech PDF SDK

LuraTech also offers additional software tools kits, which allow organizations to integrate LuraTech’s compression and document optimization into new applications. These software development kits enable users to customize their applications with PDF compression functionality and output to PDF and PDF/A file formats.

LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise

The LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise is the professional solution for process-oriented document conversion and compression. This flexible, scalable solution is designed for processing data volumes of any size.

LuraTech Mobile PDF

LuraTech Mobile PDF: professional solutions for scanning and converting documents using smartphones and tablets.

LuraTech Rendition Server
The LuraTech Rendition Server enables the construction of a powerful conversion infrastructure which can be addressed through a web service interface using a wide range of programs and environments.