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SEAL Systems AG

Status: Full Member

Country: DE

Sector: Records management / ECM

Joined: Oct 2006

Website: http://www.sealsystems.de/

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Dr. Uwe Wächter
Johannes Hesel
Susanne Meier
Thomas Reusch
Description of the member

Are you looking for software solutions to simplify how you create, administer and distribute documents?

You’’ve come to the right place!

SEAL Systems is the leading provider of software solutions for the distribution of information and documents. We connect your ERP, PLM, engineering and software office systems to your fleet of output devices — company-wide and across locations, hardware, and software. We also elegantly integrate many use formats and forms such as your company’s printer languages, drivers and operating systems. We convert your various input formats to uniform standard formats before your documents are issued — for example, for long-term archiving, in universal useable trial copies or digitised, easy-to-reproduce templates for your output systems. If you need a large amount of data to be pooled into a result file with navigational support, our publishing system is the method of choice.

See also: www.sealsystems.com


Lohmühlweg 4, 91341 Röttenbach, Deutschland

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SEAL Systems Corporate Conversion Server
The Corporate Conversion Server from SEAL Systems is a high-performance conversion engine which automatically executes all file conversions company-wide.

SEAL Systems PDF Adapt
With PDF Adjust from SEAL Systems many attributes and characteristics of existing PDF files can be adjusted to a standardized system of rules. PDF Adjust is available for batch mode processing or interactive usage.

SEAL Systems gXconvert
SEAL Systems gXconvert converts all common vector and raster formats in the CAD and Office world, including to PDF/A. gXconvert is available as a batch tool.