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Status: Full Member

Country: CZ

Sector: Records management / ECM

Joined: Jan 2014

Website: http://www.602.cz/

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Martin Vondrouš
Description of the member

Software602 is a leading provider of services for preserving long term legal validity of digital documents. Clients of its online service, Long-Term Docs (see https://longtermdocs.eu/en ) are ensured that their digital documents are accepted by all authorities across the EU through full compliance to standards for legibility (PDF/A), authenticity of origin and integrity of content (PAdES LTV, CAdES-A, XAdES-A). The Long-Term Docs service preserves authenticity of digital documents during their complete lifecycle without additional costs and without the need to move documents from the client’s site. Software602 works for important organizations in the government sector (Czech Post, Czech National Bank, The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic) and commercial sector (Konica Minolta, Tesco, UPC). The company was founded in 1990 and it has been the flagship of Czech software since then. In addition to Long-Term Docs services, Software602 provides a tool for noncoding creation of dynamic mobile applications. It also implements tailored solutions for managing unique business processes, with integration to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financials, Maconomy and other ERPs.

Hornokr?ská 703/15, Kr?, 140 00 Praha-Praha 4, Tschechische Republik

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Long-Term Docs enables simple & automatic PDF/A conversion for any business

Software602 has developed a simple service that enables any business to protect the long-term readability and verifiability of their documents. The new service, Long-Term Docs helps simplify the archiving process for business by automatically converting documents according to ISO standards into the PDF/A format.