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axes4 GmbH

Status: Full Member

Country: CH

Sector: Accessibility

Joined: Feb 2012

Website: http://www.axes4.com/

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Samuel Hofer
Markus Erle
Description of the member

Accessible PDF simply done! We are dedicated to build software and deliver services that empower you to provide accessible PDF documents.


  • axesPDF for Word:
    axesPDF for Word is an Add-In that empowers every Word user to create a top quality accessible PDF in seconds. Remediation is not needed anymore. Quality assurance becomes a no-brainer. The key is to use styles and templates that are optimized for accessibility. Everything else is done by axesPDF for Word.
  • axesPDF QuickFix:
    axesPDF QuickFix is your time-saving tool to check and remediate PDF documents during the process of making them fully accessible and compliant with PDF/UA, WCAG 2 and Section 508. Accessibility issues are easily found and most of them are fixed instantly with a single click.
  • axesPDF Sense:
    REST API for checking big amount of PDF files against PDF/UA


  • Document Tagging:
    Let us create your accessible PDF documents – fast, reliable and PDF/UA compliant. We handle any document, no matter if it’s simple or complex. Send us your file, we review it and you get back a quote.
  • Word Templating:
    Document authoring with axesPDF for Word is most efficient with customized Word templates. We create templates for you that work seamlessly together with axesPDF for Word – now it’s a no-brainer to create a PDF/UA document.

Consulting & Training

  • Efficient Workflows for the creation of PDF/UA documents
  • Software development in the field of PDF Accessibility (for example the PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) for the Swiss Foundation Access for All)
  • Training of Developers, Accessibility Experts, Train the trainer, Power Users, End Users in all aspects of PDF Accessibility
Frauentalweg 117, 8045 Zürich, Schweiz