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Actuate Xenos Group Joins the PDF Association, Reaffirming its Position as a Leader in Customer Communications.

Membership Ensures Actuate Will Remain on the Cutting Edge of PDF Technology

San Mateo, Calif., – May 29, 2013 – Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company™ – delivering more insights to more people than all BI companies combined – today announced that its Xenos Group, makers of ActuateOne® for Customer Communication Management (CCM), has become a member of the PDF Association. ActuateOne for CCM enables organizations to develop, implement and manage enterprise-class customer communications management solutions. Based on Xenos technology, the product is used to design, process, store and deliver high-volume content such as statements, policies and bills for top-tier organizations in financial services, insurance and telecommunications. Through Xenos’ document transformation and online presentment technology, organizations can utilize PDFs to provide end users with a clear view of their latest transaction information.

By joining the PDF Association, Actuate will be among the first to find out about new functionality and specifications, building customer confidence in its PDF-management offerings. This helps Actuate continue to maintain its position as a leader in the use of PDF technology in the area of high-volume transactional output presentment and customer communications.

“As a trailblazer in document and data transformation, Actuate’s Xenos Group has decades of experience transforming high-volume print streams into useable online documents for our customers’ end users,” said Kushal Agarwal, Xenos Group Product Manager at Actuate. “Part of that involves creating tagged, accessible PDFs, to make any statement or transaction-oriented document accessible to every customer. Being a member of the PDF Association will help us continually improve that functionality and keep up with changes to PDF technology.”

For instance, as PDF functionality continues to evolve for the visually impaired, Actuate will be able to keep up and evolve with it, ensuring that this important subset of end users will be able to continue accessing and reading their online statements effectively.

About the PDF Association

The PDF Association was created to adopt and implement international standards for PDF technology, and Actuate’s membership can benefit all customers of Xenos technology and ActuateOne for CCM:

  • Developers can share knowledge and experience with PDF technology
  • Customers can refer to the association to learn the roles and capacities PDF technology can play in electronic document applications and other ActuateOne for CCM uses
  • End users can be ensured they’re utilizing the newest PDF technology and functionality, for improved reliability and overall quality

First established as the PDF/A Competence Center in 2006, today the PDF Association is an international organization promoting awareness and adoption of open standards in digital document applications using PDF technology. The association facilitates education, networking and communication, and the sharing of expertise and experience with interested parties worldwide. The current membership includes over 100 enterprises and numerous individual subject-matter experts from more than 20 countries.

The management board includes industry leaders from Actino Software GmbH, Adobe Systems Inc., Callas Software GmbH, Intarsys Consulting GmbH and LuraTech Europe GmbH. The association’s chairman is Olaf Drümmer, CEO of callas software GmbH. Duff Johnson, ISO Project Leader for ISO 32000, the PDF Standard, is the association’s vice-chairman.

Actuate – The BIRT Company™

Actuate founded and co-leads the BIRT open source project, which is used by more than 2.5 million developers around the globe and serves as the foundation of the ActuateOne® platform. Applications built on ActuateOne deliver more business and consumer insights to more people than all BI companies combined — ensuring organizations are ready for the exponential growth of Big Data and the proliferation of touch devices.
The ActuateOne platform empowers developers to rapidly develop custom, BIRT-based business analytics and customer communications applications. ActuateOne applications built with one BIRT design can access and integrate any data, including unstructured sources. They provide one user experience regardless of skill level and are supported by one platform for any cloud, hybrid, on-premise, web or touch device deployment.
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