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Compart AG
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Country: DE
Sector: Banking
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Website: http://www.compart.com/

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Compart speaks De-Mail: New module for connecting Deutsche Telekom’s digital postal service now available

Compart is underscoring its leadership role in electronic mail. At the Comparting International Technology Forum in Böblingen at the end of September, the supplier of scalable, platform-independent output management (OM) solutions introduced its new module for connecting OM applications to the De-Mail service recently launched by Deutsche Telekom. This puts firms in a position to send their documents as De-Mail via a standardized interface from DocBridge Pilot, the software for the output of cost-optimized mailings on physical and digital channels. DocBridge Pilot De-Mail thereby represents an additional transmission route for legally compliant mail delivery in digital form.

The module is seamlessly integrated into the DocBridge Pilot solution and verifies which documents from bulk mailings can be sent as De-Mail. The documents are converted into De-Mail format and the mailings generated, along with the necessary delivery parameters for Deutsche Telekom.  After the De-mail is sent, the module accepts the confirmations, saves them, and documents the dispatch.

If not electronic, then physical

If mailings cannot be delivered to an electronic mailbox, they are run through existing processes and printed in hardcopy form, placed in envelopes, and then sent to their recipients as traditional letters.

To clarify: DocBridge Pilot software is a database-supported, platform-independent software module that supports customized mailings for every type of output: print, e-mail, fax, digital letter, as well as via web portals and mobile end terminals. Data streams can be sorted and grouped, the delivery can be optimized for the carrier, and attachments can be added dynamically. DocBridge Pilot also supports the electronic payment of postal charges (computer postage).
The principle: The import of incoming documents is separate from the output of the mailing. The incoming documents to be processed are analyzed on the receiving side and all criteria required for their further processing are extracted in the form of metadata, such as the content of comments (NOPs) in AFP data streams or page content such as markings (optical mark recognition, OMR), barcodes or text. While the software assigns the documents to a central mailing pool, the metadata is stored in a relational database.

e-Delivery in Output Management: Compart integrates both worlds

Compart has proven expertise in the implementation of e-Delivery projects – not only in the German-speaking countries in cooperation with the Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom and Swiss Post, but in the rest of the world as well. This specialist in the optimization of data streams is currently involved in projects in Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia and Turkey. Its latest endeavor is Metaposta, a portal initiated and set up by the Basque regional government for the receipt, editing, and management of electronic mail of all kinds.

Compart starts by taking a company’s existing OM systems and expanding them so the whole process of document generation, editing and output can be centrally managed. One important aspect is legally compliant electronic transmission. Compart offers companies of every size and business sector the ability to output and archive anything via any channel in the desired format. If a company no longer wants to send out insurance policies or invoices in paper but in electronic form, it is easy to add this new transmission route to its mail services. In Germany, Compart was one of the very first companies to develop an interface to the E-Postbrief system of the Deutsche Post. The E-Postbrief module has been on the market since the fall of 2010. With its De-Mail counterpart, the company continues to expand its position in the digital mail market.

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