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Efficient Archiving Through Adlib Solutions In The Transition To Digital Government


The worldwide transition to digital government offers the promise of better efficiency, accessibility, and transparency of everyday government processes, but it also creates unique challenges. Government mandates with strict timetables being issued in numerous countries place a heavy burden on agencies and businesses required to institute electronics record management systems and provide archival copies of all vital documents and communications. Most organizations these days rely on a heterogeneous mix of operating systems and applications running on complex internal network infrastructures that are sometimes supplemented with external processing and storage resources in the cloud. Capturing, organizing, and delivering archival materials from these diverse sources creates a substantial challenge—difficult to meet without a system-level solution adequate to the task.

Failure to follow guidelines and comply with mandates can result in penalties, fines, and, in some cases, imprisonment, so CTOs, CIOs, Information Management (IM), and IT professionals overseeing record-keeping systems bear the responsibilities to ensure compliance is not only an integral part of the organization’s workflow, but that it can operate within the regulatory boundaries as defined by legislation.

Different regions globally are developing initiatives and enacting legislation to drive the transition to digital government forward. For example, in the United States, the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) defines and implements the regulatory framework to which participating Federal agencies and other organizations must conform. An equivalent organization in Canada, the Library and Archives of Canada Act (LAC), stipulates the information management requirements that must be followed and the acceptable archival standards to which organizations must adhere.

Jurisdictions in Europe, South America, and other regions have also issued mandatory rules for the long-term archiving of documents. One increasingly common element of record- keeping requirements is the use of PDF/A as the recommended, accepted, or mandated archival format. Originally introduced by Adobe, the PDF/A file format was formalized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is now managed by ISO as well. PDF/A has won favor in many circles because of the page fidelity of the archival content, which meets a number of requirements for government applications where accuracy and precision of captured content.


The National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) oversees the collection and storage of business, legal, and historical documents—in perpetuity. By law, federal agencies must adhere to a number of regulations that address the kinds of information that must be archived, the principles guiding information collection and storage, the manner in which the information is stored, and the requirements for submitting the information for archiving.

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