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MCS Selects Compart DocBridge Mill Transform Software to Support Customers’ PDF Workflow

Compart announces an agreement to provide PDF transform capabilities for MCS Eagle inkjet printing systems. MCS Inc. manufactures industrial inkjet imaging and camera systems for customers in direct mail and graphics arts. MCS will use Compart DocBridge Mill software as the PDF rasterizing engine for Eagle inkjet print heads. As a result, MCS clients in these markets can run a wider range of jobs on their Eagle production lines.

Customers using Eagle systems could produce variable graphics in bitmap format using proprietary MCS software, but as the market has evolved, customers want more versatility and quality for labels, page printing and mailers. MCS turned to Compart to fit out their printers for PDF data streams. As a result, MCS customers get tighter data portability, because they can send pre-composed PDF files generated from any composition software or source.

“Having Compart as our PDF solution opens up the marketplace for us, and lets us support customers with capabilities they need for their businesses. DocBridge can be part of the mix for future offerings, too, as we grow our platform for color,” said MCS Inc. Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Glenn Toole.

MCS Customers Need PDF Workflow

MCS customers come from commercial print, fulfillment, label printing and other markets that need to produce mailings, labels and page printing. “Complex graphics and variability are more commonly handled with PDF workflow, so ultra high-speed, on-the-fly PDF conversion becomes a bigger differentiator. As MCS customers move in this direction, we are looking forward to helping MCS provide the capabilities they need to streamline the process while adding efficiency,” said Mark Maragni, Vice President of Sales, Compart North America.

A market leader with thousands of installations, MCS is known for wide print widths, high speed and high resolution. MCS Eagle print heads can be installed on inkjet transports, bindery equipment and printing presses. These specialized inkjet systems allow on-press variable data for text, numbering and graphics. Customers print direct mail pages in various sizes directly on a web and supplement pre-printed stock by printing personalized information inline.

MCS sought major players that could meet requirements for speed, quality, and the ability to integrate with its specialized technology. The chosen supplier had to provide robust image management and real time rasterizing at very high speeds. (MCS Eagle systems print in the range of 250-350 feet per minute.) Compart DocBridge Mill software met the requirements, allowing MCS customers to print at their accustomed speeds. In addition to being an option on new MCS Eagle systems, customers can upgrade their current systems to accept PDF workflow, too.

Compart Helps MCS Give Customers More Choices

“We now support customers with flexible workflows, including PDF, for modular output formats from 4.5” to 17”. Customers can start with 4.5” output using MCS workflow, and move to PDF workflow when they are ready to go to 8.5” or 17” size output,” said Toole. “With the solution for high-speed rasterization and PDF workflow for mailing and labeling applications, Compart has shown real initiative to provide added value and new functionality to meet the needs of our MCS customers.”

“Compart was speedy and accessible,” according to Toole. “They did a good job collaborating with our system engineers.” The integration went quickly, resulting in fast time to market for the PDF transform capability. From initial talks to actual use in the field took less than four weeks.

High end, variable data programs with rich feature sets give mailers and printers more options for variable output, and PDF workflow is a format of choice for these applications. Compart’s solution accepts the output of any document creation package outputting standard PDF, so MCS customers can use the same composition tools and proofing process for all their imaging output.

Label Applications Need Versioning and Graphics

Label applications have benefited from increased use of variable data, graphics and versioning. At the same time, printed label graphics have gotten more complex, with features like text on curves and embedded text. Food and beverage packaging may require different versions within the same print run to comply with regulatory requirements. With the Com-part PDF transform, MCS helps its customers keep up with the trend to-ward more sophisticated graphics in labels, mailers and pages.

MCS customers use variable data in mailing applications to create effective visuals and messages on the outside of envelopes and self-mailers. The inkjet printed variable content could be images like store locator maps, logos or coupons. With Compart PDF support, MCS lets customers include more value-added graphics and personalization on the outside of mailing pieces.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of such a talented and respected executive,” said Compart Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Harald Grumser. “His track record is extremely impressive, and his know-ledge of the industry is unparalleled. This is a milestone for Compart, and we look forward to working together to help our customers achieve their business goals.”

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