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PDF Tags and Accessibility: Why They Matter

The PDF format has evolved quickly and significantly since being published as an open standard by the International Organization for Standardization in 2008. Since then, PDF has become one of the world’s most widely used file formats, improving how people create, access, and share documents.

PDF TagsHow does PDF make working with documents easier? First, consider
what makes up an electronic document—a typical example contains text, graphics, and web links among other elements. Oftentimes, the fonts, formatting, and images in a word processing document become distorted or unreadable if the document is not viewed in its original application.

One major advantage of PDF over other document formats is portability —PDF files maintain their appearance and layout, regardless of the device, program or browser used to view them. This means, for example, that business users can send and upload files without worrying what they’ll look like when accessed by the recipient.

Considering the various elements a PDF document can contain, maintaining content order and visual integrity can be an issue without proper tagging—especially for users that rely on assistive and mobile technology. PDF tags, the figurative bones of PDF files, are automated and standardized content markers that define the physical structure and layout of a PDF document. By learning to properly add tags to PDF documents, business users ensure their content is widely accessible, expanding the usefulness of these documents within a variety
of applications.

Read about user-assistive technology and other applications for PDF tags and download the whole white paper at: