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BFO (Big Faceless Org.)
Status: Full Member
Country: UK
Sector: All industries
Contact: Mike Bremford
Joined at: May 09
Website: http://www.bfo.com/

Linked User
Daniel Wilson
Mike Bremford

PDF/A online verification service

Our API can easily verify a PDF against a number of profiles, including all the current variations of PDF/A and PDF/UA.

On our┬ápublic service blog-post we’ve turned that into an online service: drag a PDF file onto the box, and optionally select which profiles you would like to verify the file against. If the PDF claims to match one or more particular profiles, we’ll test those automatically.

Try it: http://bfo.com/blog/2017/11/08/verify_pdfa_online/

Read more about validation: “Is it really PDF/A?”

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