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PDFlib GmbH
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Country: DE
Sector: All industries
Joined at: Sep 06
Website: http://www.pdflib.com/

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PDFlib GmbH releases PLOP/PLOP DS 5.2

PLOP/PLOP DS, the versatile tool for linearizing, optimizing, repairing, analyzing, en-/decrypting and ditigally signing PDF documents has been enhanced and improved.

PLOP/PLOP DS 5.2 now offers digital signatures with PSS encoding for RSA. For PDF certificate security PLOP/PLOP DS has been enhanced with OAEP padding for RSA.

PSS is mandated by various security guidelines; it is supported in Acrobat XI and DC since the January 2017 updates.  RSA-OAEP offers cryptographic advantages. However, it is not currently supported in Acrobat, but only in third-party PDF viewers.

Download a free trial here.

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