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SEAL Systems AG
Status: Full Member
Country: DE
Sector: Records management / ECM
Joined at: Oct 06
Website: http://www.sealsystems.de/

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Dr. Uwe Wächter
Johannes Hesel
Susanne Meier
Thomas Reusch

White Paper: Automatic creation of technical documents (Direct Publishing)

An important part of every customer project in plant and special machine construction or in the design of technical apparatuses is the creation of complete and specific documentation for the respective product. Depending on their size and complexity, this documentation can contain a few or several hundred files. The documentation serves not only to describe the product, but also for its operation and maintenance as well as for service and repair.

Plant manufacturers also earn on orders and services for the maintenance, repair and expansion of plants and products. Comprehensive, accurate documentation is therefore a prerequisite for providing high-quality services. They provide a competitive advantage over other service companies.

With Direct Publishing from SEAL Systems, data and files are automatically compiled into a new document. The data for this procedure can be located anywhere, even distributed. This saves time, money and efforts, reduces errors and ensures fast, smooth processes.

In this white paper you will read…

  • how to transform an unfavorable initial situation (components from different sources in different formats are available) into an efficient process for creating documentation
  • how automated documentation creation works with direct publishing
  • which delivery variants are available
  • how your documentation can be prepared (folder and table of contents, page layout, integration of supplier documentation…)

Click here and request this white paper now!

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