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Document productivity: your thoughts please!

A 5 minute survey providing insight into the way people think about electronic documents vs. documents on paper. The questions invite the user to reflect on how they use (or don’t use) electronic documents to get things done.

Author: Duff Johnson
Date: September 20, 2014


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Document productivity: your thoughts please!

PDF Association member (and member of the Board) Nitro wanted to conduct a survey of electronic document users. As any PDF member may do, they turned to the PDF Association for help in concept, execution and promotion. When the survey’s objectives are consistent with the PDF Association’s mission, and when the results are to be shared in full with the members of the PDF Association, we try to support it these initiatives.

In this case the project is straightforward –a brief questionnaire designed to provide insight into the way desktop software users think about electronic document solutions, and how they compare with paper.  The survey takes no more than 5-6 minutes to complete, and is completely anonymous. The questions invite the user to reflect on how they use PDF and paper to get things done. Has PDF replaced paper? Where does it still fail?

The more users who take part, the better industry will learn where people need help. It’s in the PDF industry’s interest to encourage their own user populations to participate as well. With greater numbers of respondents will come better data. Accordingly, the PDF Association encourages all its members and partners to deploy this survey in their own customer and user communications. Encourage end users to participate, and we’ll all learn something.

The survey is open and will take answers until October 10th. To encourage PDF Association members in asking their customers to participate, survey data will be released to the PDF Association membership in addition to the topline results announced by Nitro during PDF Day on December 10 and 11.

Please take this survey on your use of electronic documents, and ask your professional colleagues and customers to do the same.