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First PDF 2.0 Application Note is published

Illustration of Black Point Compensation.

New in PDF 2.0, black point compensation (BPC) is a colour management technique allowing for the alignment of the darkest color in the data’s color space with the darkest colour supported by the display device (screen or print). This Application Note explains BPC in order to promote the feature’s adoption.

Author: PDF Association
Date: September 21, 2018


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First PDF 2.0 Application Note is published

Illustration of Black Point Compensation.The PDF Association has published its first PDF 2.0 Application Note with the subject of Black Point Compensation (BPC).

A colour management technique, BPC adjusts the colour transformation by aligning the darkest colour that could be described by the colour space of the data to be displayed with the darkest colour that the output profile for the display device (screen or print) can produce.

In practice, BPC results in deeper, richer color on the display device.

Note that the BPC flag will be ignored in software based on PDF 1.7. This is intended; as  it ensures backwards compatibility. However, this can cause a difference in the visual appearance of output produced with a PDF 1.7 processor vs. a PDF 2.0 processor.

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