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veraPDF consortium releases 0.4 of its prototype PDF/A validator

The 0.4 release includes the first complete (in principle) PDF/A-1b validation profile, and while unverified, tests well against the internal corpora.

Author: Duff Johnson
Date: September 17, 2015


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veraPDF consortium releases 0.4 of its prototype PDF/A validator

veraPDF logoThe veraPDF consortium has released an update to its prototype veraPDF validation library. This 0.4 release delivers:

  • a working validation model and validator;
  • an initial, unverified PDF/A-1b validation profile; and
  • prototype PDF feature reporting (characterisation).

This release, which is ahead of schedule, enables users to test the first implementation of PDF/A-1b validation on single files via a graphical user interface (GUI).

The latest version of the 0.4 release can be obtained from: http://downloads.verapdf.org/rel/veraPDF-library-GUI-latest.zip

Release notes for version 0.4 are available on GitHub, as are instructions for unpacking the zip archive, running the GUI and loading the PDF/A-1b profile.

The PDF/A-1b profile has been tested internally against our corpora, but has not been fully assessed by the PDF Association’s PDF Validation Technical Working Group (TWG), nor has it passed the PREFORMA project’s acceptance tests.