Packaging email archives using PDF

EA-PDF establishes high-level requirements for using PDF technology to package email for long-term preservation.



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PDF: The document format for everything

The ISO-standardized PDF format and subset formats facilitate digital document solutions for today and tomorrow.

Animals in a boat.

PDF redaction – AstraZeneca EU contracts – s**t happens

As the AstraZeneca vaccine contract debacle makes clear, redacting PDF involves more than just the page; other objects have to be checked as well.

Example of the AstraZeneca contract redaction

Digitizing permanent records: the case for PDF/A-4

PDF/A-4 is essential to losslessly archiving PDF files that use current-generation PDF 2.0 technology… even including scanned documents. From modern Unicode support to interoperability with other specifications PDF/A-4 is the only way to archive PDF files conforming to PDF 2.0.

The National Archives, PDF/A-4

Process Automation in Customer Communication: More Flexibility Through API

How do companies stay agile enough in their document and output management to meet increasing customer expectations for speed and quality?

2020: the year in PDF

27 years after Adobe shipped the first PDF viewer the portable document format has replaced paper as the final format document media of choice. For many organizations 2020 – the year of COVID-19 – has become an “acid test” for …

2020 document icon

Stressful PDF corpus grows!

In early September I announced the initial release of the “Issue Tracker” stressful corpus of PDF files that was developed under the DARPA-funded “SafeDocs” program. This has generated a lot of interest in the PDF technical community, and we have …

Hunter Biden’s “email” and the potential for deepfakes with PDF

Introduction Akin to our earlier series on the Mueller Report PDF, this article provides cultural framing and technical background for considering the evidence provided to-date by the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged email from Ukraine. Some journalists are …

Screen-shot from Biden PDF.

PDF and Digital Signatures

The history of integration of digital signatures in PDF together with the underlying public standards like PAdES, CAdES and XAdES is described. The problematic extensions for workflow support are also addressed. The PDF Digital Signatures TWG has been established by …

Is manual accessibility validation required for automated PDF document generation?

While testing and verification is never a bad idea, the advantages of automation include speeding up processes and removing human error. Manually validating each generated PDF would be counterproductive. There are a few exceptions, but if certain criteria are met …


A new stressful PDF corpus

Interoperability is the core value proposition of the PDF file format. Although interoperability comes from sharing a clear and precise understanding of the file format specification, test data in the form of a corpus of PDF files is critical to …

Bell cure of PDF complexity.