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CommonLook Office

CommonLook Office logo.CommonLook® Office is a breakthrough in accessible document creation, allowing any user to create accessible and Section 508 compliant PDF documents directly from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

No prior knowledge of accessibility or Section 508 is required.

CommonLook Office presents simple-to-understand instructions to guide the user through every accessibility checkpoint relevant to the document.


  • Support for MS Word & (NEW!) MS PowerPoint: Create Section 508 compliant PDF files from both of Microsoft’s most popular authoring applications!
  • Step-by-Step Simplicity: Move through checkpoints in order, then make an accessible PDF.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Content preparation checkpoints for (almost) any situation.
  • Complete Section 508 Verification: Detailed coverage of all Section 508 requirements
  • Style Mapping: Manage style usage and mapping to PDF tags
  • Table Formatting: Manage simple, complex and presentation tables.
  • Well Beyond Section 508: Ensure headings are present and nested correctly, validate lists and more.
  • New User Interface: Improved checkpoints and all-new documentation!


  • Easy to Use: Identifies and helps correct Section 508 compliance problems quickly and easily, automating most tasks.
  • Fast & Efficient Without Sacrificing Quality: Stop only when attention is required; typical 5 page documents take under 5 minutes.
  • Reduces Compliance Costs: Lowers the quantity, complexity and expense of accessibility repairs to existing documents.
  • Improves Compliance Overall: Accessibility awareness enters the writing process.
  • Methodical Yet Flexible: Easy for beginners with immediate results, power tools for advanced users.
  • Proven Effective: CommonLook Office has been producing accessible PDF files around the world since 2009.
  • A Key Role in Your Accessibility Strategy: Section 508’s covered; CommonLook Office 1.2 also helps get you closer to WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA.
1600 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1010, Arlington, VA 22209, USA

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