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CommonLook Services for PDF

CommonLook Service logoNetCentric’s CommonLook verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to improve accessibility and achieve Section 508 compliance for public-facing, popular or large volumes of PDF documents and forms without the expense of software and in-house labor and expertise to remediate PDF files.

The basic CommonLook verification and remediation service is simple to understand:

  1. The PDF files you want verified and repaired. This could be a list of URLs, a website, or a DVD.
  2. NetCentric provides a fixed, firm quotation to ensure compliance.
  3. Once approved, we perform the remediation and return the corrected documents.
  4. On request, we’ll provide a comprehensive compliance report for each document.

We need to examine representative samples of all documents, not just one or two. Because we are thorough up front, you can be sure that our quote will be accurate. Everyone wants a fast, bottom line cost. We also know that our clients don’t have the time or budgets for surprises.

1600 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1010, Arlington, VA 22209, USA

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