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Appligent Document Solutions
Status: Full Member
Country: US
Sector: Accessibility
Joined at: Dec 09
Website: http://www.appligent.com/

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Mark Gavin
Judi Childress
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pdfHarmony solves the growing problem of variable-quality PDF files to help ensure that critical document workflows and collections meet operational, legal, fiduciary or other requirements.

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Got PDF problems? Try the online demo right now!

Electronic documents and systems normalized by pdfHarmony suffer the minimum possible disruptions due to damaged, corrupt or malformed PDF files.

Recovery, Repair and Optimization

  • Repairs corrupt and malformed PDF files
  • Harmonizes and converts input PDFs from any creation software into authentic Adobe PDFs
  • Ensures PDFs are ISO 32000 compliant (the current International Standard for PDF)
  • Consolidates identical fonts, font-subsets and XObjects to safely reduce file-size without altering objects on the page

Problem Detection

  • Logs PDF files that are corrupt or damaged and cannot be recovered by Adobe Reader
  • Logs any page display or rendering error that Adobe Reader would encounter
  • Standard log file and optional interactive HTML report

Apply Metadata, set Document Options

  • Sets Document Information; Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, etc.
  • Sets PDF file open options including Page Layout Modes, Open Actions, Toolbar visibility, Menu and Bookmarks visibility, and more

Easy Integration

  • No limit on concurrent users or connections
  • No limit on the number of documents processed
  • No limit on threads – run as many instances as you want
  • Operates on recursive (nested) folders, watched folders or from the command-line
  • Call from any programming or scripting language including (but not limited to) Perl, PHP, Java, C++, ASP & .Net, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion and Lotus Notes
  • May be readily integrated with other Appligent Document Solutions or third party products as part of a complete PDF workflow solution
  • May be scripted for multithreaded operation
  • Adobe Acrobat is NOT required. pdfHarmony is server software that includes the same Adobe PDF Library as in Adobe Acrobat


See the User Guide

View an example HTML Batch Report

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows
XP (32-bit), Vista (32- and 64-bit) & 2008 Server

Linux (RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc.)
Kernel 2.4, 32 bit
Kernel 2.6, 32 bit
Kernel 2.6  64 bit

5.2 & above on Power

Oracle (Sun) Solaris
10 and above on SPARC  

Hewlett-Packard HP-UX
11i & above on Itanium & PA-RISC

Apple Mac OS X
10.5 & above on Intel x86

Minimum free memory available to run the application : 512 MBytes

22 E Baltimore Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA

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