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Black point compensation is already widely used in production printing, especially in situations where the combination of the substrate, colourants (e.g. inks) and printing process cannot achieve a very high density for blacks. Turning on BPC will often increase the perceived quality of graphical elements such as natural photographic images because they may achieve a higher contrast and more ‘punch’.

ISO 19593-1 (PDF Processing Steps)
Author: PDF Association

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ISO 19593 (PDF Processing Steps) packaging and product developers and designers can specify post-print workflow components with a PDF file in a language-independent, vendor-neutral way. With PDF Processing Steps, packaging production workflows can incl …

About the PDF Association
Author: PDF Association

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What is the PDF Association, and what are the benefits of membership? This video helps explain.

PDF Products & Services 2018
Author: PDF Association

PDF Products and Services 2018

PDF Association members showcase the diversity of electronic document solutions in “PDF Products & Services 2018”.

2018 PDF Day DC – the sessions
Author: PDF Association

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January 29, 2018 was PDF Day in Washington DC! This event brought industry experts, vendors, consultants, integrators and agency professionals together to discuss how PDF technology can contribute to enhancing the government’s workflows.

PDF experts
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This short video highlights the wide-ranging expertise within the membership and the PDF Association’s mission to promote awareness of ISO-standardized PDF technology.

PDF Days speaker

A window into PDF Days, this PDF Association video showcases some of the reasons to attend – and for members, to sponsor – PDF Days events.

ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0)
Author: PDF Association

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ISO 32000-2 is the first PDF specification developed within the ISO working-group structure. It includes numerous new features, rewritten clauses, corrections, clarifications and much more.

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A number of historical documents, originally published by Adobe Systems, are normatively referenced from ISO 32000-2. As they are required for implementing ISO 32000-2, the latest internationally-standardized version of PDF, Adobe has made these docume …

PDF/Raster 1.0
Author: PDF Association

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This document describes PDF/raster, a strict subset of the PDF file format designed for storing, transporting and exchanging multi-page raster-image documents.