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Competence Center Chair
Phil Spreier
PDF/E Competence Center

Welcome to the homepage of the PDF/E Competence Center.

PDF/E was created to meet the needs of organizations who need to reliably create, exchange and review engineering documentation. PDF/E-1 does not address 3D, video or other dynamic content, or integrated source data. PDF/E-2, in the final stages of development, does address these vital areas.

ISO 24517 (PDF/E) specifies how the Portable Document Format (PDF) should be used for the creation of documents in engineering workflows.

This is the place for information and discussion about the engineering subset of the PDF specification. The PDF/E Competence Center is for experts in 3D technology, AEC industries and PLM applications to exchange information with PDF technology experts and collaborate on promoting adoption of PDF technology as an integral part of documentation and other solutions for engineering needs.

If you have questions or concerns about PDF/E, 3D in the PDF/E context, or archiving engineering content, you’ve come to the right place.

Key benefits of PDF/E include:

  • Dramatically reduces requirements for expensive proprietary software
  • Lowers storage and exchange costs as compared to paper
  • Facilitates trustworthy exchange and markup across multiple applications and platforms
  • Vendor-independent; PDF/E is developed and maintained by the PDF/E ISO committee

Join us!

Members of the PDF Association are entitled to participate in online and in-person PDF/E TWG meetings, subscribe to the PDF/E TWG listserv, access the PDF Association’s Jira, and gain other benefits as well. Review the options for membership, or get in touch with PDF Association Executive Director Duff Johnson to learn more!

Competence Center Member

Duff Johnson

Ian Curington

Phil Spreier